About Daniel Rosehill

Daniel Rosehill lives in Jerusalem. He has spent most of his career to date working in technology communications but is currently on a detour at an interesting non-profit.

This may be the hundred and first blog that Daniel has set up in his lifetime so most of the thoughts he has shared are scattered elsewhere.

This site is built with an interesting CMS called Astro. If you’re interested in frontend design (or exploring CMS options beyond Wordpress) check the project out.

Other Projects

In addition to this page, Daniel runs a tech blog called ➡️ Hey, It Works (also new!) dedicated to celebrating technology (but only when it works!) and a data publishing project dedicated to publishing datasets of interest to the impact investing industry.

If you’d like to get in touch for any reason, visit the ➡️ main part of this website.

Outside of learning about technology and data (currently), Daniel’s interests include travel, video-making, and consuming Guinness.

(If you read nothing else here, make it these photos of AI-generated sloths. It’s probably the best thing that will be posted here)

Sloth pics

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