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Weird Israel-Themed DALLE Animal Photos, Pt 1

If a pro-Israel sloth visited Jerusalem and you spotted an elegantly dressed koala doing shopping at Mahane Yehuda Market. If you can imagine it, DALLE can too



Image generation: DALLE, Stable Diffusion
Weird imagination, prompt-writing: Daniel Rosehill.

Nothing To See Here. Just A Sloth Hanging Out At The Kotel (Western Wall)

Prompts included:

“Please create a photo of a sloth at the Western Wall in Jerusalem wearing a tshirt that reads ‘I Love Jerusalem”

Sloth at kotel DALL·E 3

Sloth at kotel DALL·E 3

Sorry Anti-Israel Sloth People…

I know you’re out there and I’m sorry that while we both like sloths our politics don’t quite align.

I had some hesitation about creating what might be perceived as politicised AI imagery but then I realised that “hey, I live in Israel. I’m entitled to support my country”.

Anyway … here’s a sloth sporting a pro-Israel top:

Pro-Israel sloth DALL·E 3

An Elegant Koala Does His Weekly Groceries At The Shuk

I mean … stranger things than this happen at the shuk every week. Scratch that. Make that every day.

Mahane Yehuda Market (moniker: ‘the shuk’) is one of the most iconic locations in Jerusalem.

Every Friday it is teeming with people trying to do their shopping before Shabbat.

This koala is bringing a very dignified energy to the market as he goes about his fruit shopping.

Shuk koala DALL·E 3

Then Scarfs Down Some Falafel Like The Rest Of Us

Wait you mean you didn’t know that koalas loved falafel?

How did this fact slip you by?

It amuses me how DALLE always get the small details wrong that belie the fact that … it’s an AI algorithm. Like this weirdly shaped falafel ball that looks more like a potato croquet.

I mean hopefully you didn’t think this was a real photo … right!?

Koala eating falafel DALL·E 3

If A Monkey Were A Serious Bartender

Tell me this guy isn’t Russian. No, really. He’s Russian.

Dudu knows his drinks and if he likes you he’s making it extra strong.

But he’s not taking sh*t from anyone. Especially not today.

Monkey bartender DALL·E 3

A Note About Right To Left (RTL) And Non-English Text Parsing in DALLE

I try to keep my episodes of DALLE procrastination seldom enough that the tool improves measurably between try-outs.

These images are already a lot better than the last time I played with the tool (koalas and sloths are sort of my two favorite animals for those who didn’t suss that out. The engine used to struggle enormously with sloths. Now it seems to struggle with sizing!)

DALLE has been hit and miss with rendering signage (for example, please show this text on a tshirt). While it’s gotten a lot better at parsing English text, results are a lot poorer for other alphabets - such as Hebrew.

In this case it knew that I was trying some text in Hebrew. It could even translate the text. But the signage rendered is not legible.

Monkey bartender DALL·E 3

Animals Can Like Matkot Too, Okay?

Matkot is (according to Wikipedia) “a popular padel ball game in Israel similar to beach tennis, often referred to by Israelis as their national pasttime”

If you go to the beach in Tel Aviv (or elsewhere in Israel … such places exist) you’ll probably see lots of people playing it.

Maybe even this guy:

Makot sloth DALL·E 3

Posh Cat Enjoys Some Humus For Breakfast, Overdresses For New Job At Startup

I may have a weird ‘thing’ for sloths (don’t ask) but I know that I’m far outnumbered by cat-lovers and dog-lovers.

For those who haven’t been yet, Israel has a bizarrely high amount of wild cats.

Where I live in Jerusalem they’re kind of a staple fixture of life. You forget that they’re even there. Until you travel somewhere else and wonder “hey, what happened to all the random cats?”

(The theory is that they were “imported” somehow by the British as a crude form of pest control, then multiplied prodigiously, and now noone really knows what to do about them…)

Here’s one eating a bowl of hummus for breakfast. It’s his first day at a new job and he doesn’t know yet that he’s going to be the only person in the whole office wearing a suit.

Cat eating humus DALL·E 3

Cat Visits Dead Sea, Gets The Classic Tourist Photo (Sort Of)

All in a good day’s tourism as a cat in Israel.

This one’s via Stable Diffusion:

Cat at the Dead Sea Stable Diffusion

Cat at Masada Stable Diffusion

Dog Arrives In Israel, Picks Up Luggage

That was a long journey but hey he made it here … alongside his bag. Time to freshen up at the hotel and maybe catch a quick nap.

Dog in suit on business DALL·E 3

It’s An Aliyah Flight, But The Olim Are All Sloths

Sloth olim arriving in Israel 1 DALL·E 3

Sloth olim arriving in Israel 2 DALL·E 3

It’s Ulpan But All The Students Are Animals…

Sloth olim arriving in Israel 2 DALL·E 3

Misrad Hapnim’s Little Known Veterinary Olim Division In Action

Sloth olim arriving in Israel 2 DALL·E 3

Koalas Follow Food Influencers Too

A few years ago a guy called Shimshon Leshinsky began posting food reviews on a local Facebook group.

Shimshon doesn’t fit the mold of your classic social media influencer. But he’s stepped into the role with enormous enthusiasm. Through Facebook, he shares recommendations about kosher restaurants to a receptive audience that straddles both English-speaking locals and diaspora Jews (for the latter, especially during these challenging times, I think he keeps an important connection to Israel alive).

I’ve been working on a big data-related work project for the past few months (link). My YouTube channel has borne the brunch of the time-crunch. But I hope to edit a video with Shimshon in the next few days (we visited a center for Jerusalem olim before Pesah and learned a lot about their great efforts).

In the meantime, one of Shimshon’s fans (like this guy, Shimshon is originally from Australia):

Shimshon koala DALL·E 3

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